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Frequently Asked Questions & Paperwork

What to Bring/Not Bring & Frequently Asked Questions:

What may I bring with my dog for his stay at the dog hotel?

  • dog food and supplements

  • medications (we charge $1-$2 per day for the administration of medications and supplements))

  • edible treats that can break apart easily (not rawhide, or any other type of long-lasting chews)

  • Updated shot record showing bordatella, rabies, distemper, parvovirus, annual fecal, flea/tick control 

What should I NOT bring with my dog for his stay?

  • stuffed animals, kong toys or bones of any kind

  • rawhide or any other long-lasting chews (treats such as dog biscuits are acceptable but must be easily chewable)

  • beds, bowls, blankets (we'll use ours - like a hotel!)


Does my dog have to be vaccinated and if so, what shots does he need?

Yes. All dogs must have proof of immunization, including rabies, Bordetella (kennel cough), distemper,  parvo, and flea/tick control. We also request that your speak with your vet about a 6 month bordetella booster, canine influenza and any other disease prevention your dogs will need to stay and play in a communal environment..  You must bring a record to show your dog is current on all shots. If you do not have a copy of the shot record, your veterinarian can easily provide a copy by emailing it to:


Is there any paperwork?

Yes,  You can print a Boarding Agreement here:                  Please fill it out and bring it with your dog's shot record at time of drop off.  


We provide fleece blankets and cot beds at no charge.


Food and Meds

We recommend bringing your dog's food as to not cause an upset stomach due to change in diet. Bring any special diets and medications in original packaging. Due to the special handling for safety that is required, we charge for the administration of medications and supplements.



You don't need to bring bowls. We have plenty of stainless steel bowls that are standard to our system.


Believe it or not, most dogs do not play with their favorite toys if you bring them! There is so much activity during kennel hours that they find far more interesting than their toys and when it's time to rest, they're usually tired and use that time for a good nap. Also, if your dog has a favorite toy, it's better not to bring it so it doesn't accidentally get lost or damaged in some way, or chewed/swallowed by another dog.

When on our property:  For safety reasons, please have your dog leashed and under your control at all times while arriving and departing the kennel.  Extendable leashes are not permitted on our property.

Do the dogs go outside to play?  Does it cost extra?

Playtime is not an additional cost, but part of the regular, healthful care we provide.  

Each dog has play time throughout the day, 6-8 hours of play, in a supervised group of other dogs.  Play  

Is the kennel building heated and air-conditioned?

The facility is both heated and air-conditioned to make sure the dogs are comfortable and healthy in all weather conditions. 

I have more than one dog, can they stay together?

Dogs from the same household can the same kennel.  Please note that dogs must be able to eat together without supervision in order stay in the same kennel.  If we determine that your dogs are not getting along in the kennel, we will separate the dogs, and you will be charged for two kennels.  


What if my dog is on a special diet or nutritional plan?

Staying on the same diet and feeding schedule is important for your dog's health and we're happy to accommodate all of his needs.  If your dog has allergies or restrictions on treats or certain foods, please let us know as we provide treats in the afternoon and at night.  You should plan to bring enough of your dog's regular feed for the length of his stay. If there are very specific instructions for feeding, please write-out and bring them or be sure to explain the details to us at check-in.

Will my dog forget his housebreaking?

Your dog will not forget his housebreaking after being here.  We have very few accidents in their runs because they get out on schedule and often throughout the day.  

The content on this page is intended to help you feel comfortable and know what to expect and understand the deep level of care and experience provided by Misty Glen. If you have questions not addressed here, please don't hesitate to call us at 440.871.2848.  We would love to hear from you!

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